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Being the least hindrance to the horse and working with him, not against him

"Nailing the Basics"
Striving to improve your riding with a simplistic yet holistic approach

"Getting the Job Done!"
Putting it all together and rising above the excuses to perform in competition

Whether competing a client's horse or teaching a lesson or clinic, Dom and Jimmie Schramm's philosophy remains the same. By focusing on a few fundamental approaches, they enthusiastically help both horse and rider develop in order to reach their potential.

Training the Horse

Having the ability to adjust to each individual horse's needs is crucial in developing a training program that prepares the horse both physically and mentally, for competition. Dom and Jimmie Schramm have the experience necessary to make an accurate assessment of a horse's capabilities and are patient and thorough in every aspect of his training to ensure that he is ready and willing to perform at the show.

Training the Rider

Whether a junior, adult amateur or competitive rider, Dom and Jimmie Schramm provide instruction that is as informative as it is encouraging. By helping riders communicate more effectively with their horses, Dom and Jimmie assist students in feeling more confident and equip them with skills that allow them to train better at home as well as perform better in competition.


Dom and Jimmie are available to teach clinics and their competitive rates and friendly personalities make them a great asset in any farm's regular clinic schedule. Inquire at the 'Contact Us' page to organize a date.

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