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EVENTION TV is a weekly equine "how to" web series that was created in September of 2012 by Schramm Equestrian and is filmed and edited by Right Start Productions. It aims to answer many questions that eventing enthusiasts encounter on a daily basis. By maintaining great production value and striving to present information in a fun and easy to digest way, EVENTION has already earned a loyal following and is fast becoming an internet sensation.

EVENTION is regularly featured on the biggest North American equine websites such as Eventing Nation, Horse Nation, and Horse Junkies United. We regularly interact with our viewers at competitions and clinics, and online via social media, viewer requests, and polls.

EVENTION recently was won the Best Newcomer Award in the Equine Social Media Awards and placed 3rd in Best YouTube Channel category. At the current growth rates we expect the total number of views in September 2013 to exceed 300,000.

You can view any of our past or current episodes at www.youtube.com/EventionTv
follow us on facebook at www.facebook.com/eventiontv.

We welcome your comments and feedback and look forward to eventing with you!

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